IT Services for the Logis Boulevard
Business Precinct, Dandenong South.

IT Support & IT Managed Services

  • Make a plan to reduce the impact on your business before, during and after the move
  • Assign you a technician to ensure your relocation goes smoothly
  • Setup a reliable internet connection, NBN, Fibre, and point to point wireless options
  • Office phone system solutions, Teams, Cloud PBX and other options available
  • Setup your complete IT infrastructure including physical server, hybrid or cloud based solutions

24/7 Australian Support

No overseas call centres or automated messaging services. You'll talk to a real person who can understand you and will help provide a solution as quickly as possible.

Endpoint Security

Keeping your business data secure by using a combination of anti-virus products, patch management, and making sure that all your passwords and user permissions are setup correctly.

Managed Backups

Efficient back up process with back up that actually works. You can rest assured that you’ll be “back up and running” quickly should data loss impact your business.

IT Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Getting your business back up and running when IT disaster strikes so you don't have to stress about IT systems failing when you need them most.


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Cyber Security isn’t just anti-virus and backup. It’s much more than that, and without a good Managed Service Provider chances are your Cyber Security isn’t up to scratch.

Without modern Cyber Security techniques in place, you probably won’t know if you have been hacked until it’s too late! It’s not necessarily hard or expensive to protect your critical data, so don’t wait until it is too late!

Working with a Managed Service Provider means your working with a team of IT people, with extensive experience in a broad range of technologies and real-life business scenarios. Why rely on a single IT person either internally or externally, when you can have a team for the same price!

P1 Technology will discuss and work with you to find what is the best solution for you. No one size fits all, and we can provide a range of cloud options, local, global, boutique or best value for money.

Are you on MAC, do you rely heavily on the Microsoft Desktop application family such as Word, Excel, Outlook? And do you prefer local partners and support or are you comfortable with unpredictable overseas call centres? These are a few of the questions we can help you answer and then decide which is best for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exclusive offer for Logis Precinct Tenants

To our fellow tenants we are offering a free on-site assessment of your IT infrastructure. Find out what you need to grow your business and what potential security gaps you have in your current setup.

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Security Services

  • Lay a solid IT foundation to make scaling your business easy!
  • Implement Cyber Security practices relevant to your business 
  • Help make IT easier for your staff 
  • Increase workplace productivity
  • Flexibility for your staff to safely work from anywhere
  • Use IT to grow your business
  • Prevent IT problems before they happen


  • Not sure if you want to change IT providers? Let’s chat about your needs
  • We will help to create a plan to ensure the transition goes smoothly
  • Assign you a single point of contact to minimise interruption 
  • Set up reliable internet, phone and all IT infrastructure for smooth sailing


To our fellow tenants we are offering a free on-site assessment of your IT infrastructure

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Exclusive offer only available for Logis Precinct Tenants

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We'll take care of everything (and even make some improvements along the way)

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Logis Connect Business Precinct

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